Become a Member:

Membership is FREE.

By becoming a member, you give yourself the power and right to choose who runs the organisation.
not only do you join an amazing group of passionate people but …
the more members we are, the more power we have to get things done in Nambour.
Before you join, please read the Mission Statement and theĀ Constitution-2018.

What do members do?
Members can attend official meeting (AGM and other meetings).
Members have their say on the way RN is managed and on all actions taken and decisions made.
Members can have access to documents (meeting minutes, records, etc…) that the general public doesn’t have access to.
Members also elect the Committee (President, Deputy President, Secretary and Treasurer).

Is there any obligation?
Absolutely not. You do not have to come to meetings, you do not have to vote or participate to any activity of the organisation.

I am...