In October 2018, the Nambour Street Art Festival will see reknown professional artists and emerging artists taking on the biggest ugly walls in town and turning them into Masterpieces.

Presided by International Artist, Deane Taylor, Award winning Art Director of Tim Burton’s movie “Nightmare Before Xmas”, the theme of the Festival will be “Nambour: Past, Present and Futrure”.

All murals done during the festival will represent:
NAMBOUR: Past, Present and Future
We have invited 6 professional Street Artists of National and International reputation who will paint fantastic murals on walls in town during the week. The walls are kindly donated to the festival by private and commercial owners.

Between 8 and 10 emerging young Street artists will compete during the festival. Each artist will be given a wall in town to showcase their talent and creativity. At the end of week, on the Sunday, the community and visitors will vote for their favorite mural and the winners will receive prizes.

We also wish to involve our local schools in the Festival. The young ones will be given “smaller” walls, not higher than 4 feet and will be given the task to paint how they imagine Nambour in the future.

Among the professional and emerging artists, we will invite artists from the Indigenous Mooloolah Kabi Kabi community.
They will be in charge of painting Nambour’s indigenous past, when it was called “Namba”.
Make Nambour a Cultural Destination

An event like the Nambour Street Art festival will have a fantastic impact on our town. Not only will it create a week of festivities and attract visitors during that week, but the murals will stay there afterwards, attracting thousands of visitors the whole year long.

All the media, TV channels (Locals and Nationals), radio stations and newspapers will cover the event and the Awards ceremony for which we are expected around 1,000 people to attend. It is our hope that in the years after the festival, visitors will take pictures of the murals and share them on Social Media, promoting our town at the same time.

Bring the New technology:
At the end of the festival, Reviving Nambour will launch an APP that will allow visitors and tourists to “walk-through” the town from one mural to the next. This walk-through will list ALL MURALS present in Nambour, not only the ones made during the festioval but also, the amùazing art work that already exist in our town.


If you would like to participate to this great event and show your talent and craft,send your resume and 3 photos of previous works to:


This event cannot happen without your support.
If you are a local businesses and wish to contribute to the Street Art Festival, you can download our “Sponsors Book” or contact us at


If you own a wall in Nambour and would like to donate it to the festival, contact us at We will present you the different artists and show you examples of their previous works. You’ll then be able to choose the artist you want.