Nambour is a beautiful place with a huge potential and an incredibly friendly community. We have quirky shops, amazing cafés, lots of industries, schools, and we are the Gateway to the Hinterland.

But for years, Nambour has been neglected by the ones in charge of protecting it. Since the closure of the Sugar Mill, some influent people have decided Nambour was doomed and bound to die and not worth saving.

At Reviving Nambour, we disagree. We refuse to let our town die without reacting.

We love this town and it is OUR TOWN. So, if some have decided to stop taking care of it, then, WE are going to take care of it ourselves.

Reviving Nambour is a “People Power” organisation. We need nobody’s permission to clean OUR streets, OUR parks, OUR benches and Shops. WE are the ones who live here.

We want a better town? Let’s just do it!

A town that looks great, feels great!
By taking care of how our town looks, by improving its image,
we will not only create a better town for ourselves,
we will also ATTRACT MORE VISITORS and in chain,
we will see the town economy rise again and our local businesses flourish

Our plan to Revive Nambour relies on 2 points:

1- Make Nambour look good again
Every month, we organise clean up weekends and dispatch several teams across the town to tackle small sections such as a park or a street.

  • Fix what is broken (signs, benches…)
  • Clean what is dirty (Streets, footpaths, parks, remove stickers, erase graffiti…)
  • Refresh or repaint faded shop-fronts
  • Gift-wrap vacant shops
  • Clean and maintain public parks and public places

2- Advertise and Promote the “new” Nambour
Let everybody know that Nambour has changed

  • Launch a regional marketing campaign about Nambour and its surroundings
  • Invite more locals to shop locally
  • Bring back the big brands to Nambour (Kmart, Target, etc…)
  • Organise more big events to attract more visitors and tourist