Reviving Nambour is not only a group, it’s a concept. The idea that a town belongs to its community and as such, the community has the power to improve their town in the way THEY want it to be.
As soon as Reviving Nambour started in February, it has triggered a fantastic awareness throughout Nambour’s community:
The idea that -1- Nambour has a huge potential, -2- Several things should be done to reach that potential; -3- WE, the community, have the power to make those changes ourselves.

From the wave Reviving Nambour has created, all sides of the community have shown great pride and passion in improving their town.
Some residents pick up rubbish on their morning walk; several business owners have improved or cleaned their shopfront; others have even replaced their signage by brand new ones.
Reviving Nambour’s achievements is EVERYONE’s achievement.

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