Welcome to

“Breathing New Life into the Heart of the Sunshine Coast”

Let’s make Nambour Shine again!
Together, united, we can make a difference!
Reviving Nambour is a Community Working Bee project where every member of the community contributes to improving the image of Nambour and make it shine again.

For years now, our lovely town seems to have been abandoned by the ones who were once meant to take care of it. Empty shops, broken facades, filthy bins and benches, sad looking planters and parks. A lot of little things in town needs attention, revamping or maintenance.

And it seems that those “in charge” are too busy elsewhere or keep discussing for hours what they think should be done instead of just… doing it.

If they don’t do it, let’s do it ourselves!
WE, the people of Nambour, simple residents, workers, business owners, landlords, young, elderly, have decided to take the matter in our own hands and change the image of our town once and for all.
A town that looks great, feels great!
By taking care of how our town looks, by improving its image, we will not only create a better town for ourselves, we will also attract more visitors and in chain, we will see the town economy rise again and our local businesses flourish.